Safe IT infrastructure is the foundation of the business

Make sure your company has solid foundation by building safety policy, connecting proactive protection and use of strongest cryptographic mechanisms.

Network designing does not need to be complicated

Infrasec experts will help you develop the existing network or launch new functions.

Proven solutions are key to success

Infrasec cooperates only with trusted vendors whose solutions  are applied by the biggest companies world-wide.

Around half a million attacks are attempted in cyberspace every minute

Derek Manky, global security strategist  from Fortinet leaves no illusions. It’s high time to make sure your data is safe.

Leave IT infrastructure management in good hands

IT outsourcing will help you optimize costs, improve effectiveness and focus on key tasks your company faces.

Our customers

Infrasec concentrates primarily on enterprise type solutions. In order to provide the highest quality of solutions in our offer our portfolio includes products of leading producers such as Juniper, Cisco, Checkpoint, Symantec or Fortinet. To meet our customer’s needs we are constantly adding to the list of our partners and add new devices to our offer.

Our customers

Financial institutions and insurance companies

The key challenge for financial institutions and insurance companies is to provide high security level for stored and processed data. What is more, it is vital to guarantee highest accessibility of services using efficient data processing centres. Great part of the institutions use for this purpose also ITIL environment management code, which enables to control inter alia infrastructure elements configuration change process. More and more companies in financial sector are also obliged to disclose their safety certification (PCI DSS).

Infrasec has for a number of years gathered experience in preparation of infrastructure according to guidelines of several safety certifications.
We are carrying out complex safety audits and pen tests to verify protection of our customers’ data. We are designing infrastructure in order to ensure highest availability of services while maintaining highest efficiency.

Our customers

Industry, trade and services

Clients from smaller sectors face number of challenges, for instance upgrade of data processing centres and consolidation of services, complex construction of IT infrastructure or outsourcing IT infrastructure maintenance.

Infrasec has a great portfolio of devices from leading producers which address those needs. We will help you choose an adequate solution, then will design and implement it applying always best practices. Our offer also includes our customers’ infrastructure management.

Our customers

Other industries

What is common for many companies from various industries is the operation based on data centres. Nearly every company must provide their staff with a communication medium and safe information exchange with their clients – including communication using voice and conference systems.

Infrasec’s extensive portfolio offers products for each requirement set above. We design LAN, WAN and WLAN network infrastructure. We build IP telephony and conference systems. We look after safety of our customers’ data exchange by safety audits.

References available at request.

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