Safe IT infrastructure is the foundation of the business

Make sure your company has solid foundation by building safety policy, connecting proactive protection and use of strongest cryptographic mechanisms.

Network designing does not need to be complicated

Infrasec experts will help you develop the existing network or launch new functions.

Proven solutions are key to success

Infrasec cooperates only with trusted vendors whose solutions  are applied by the biggest companies world-wide.

Around half a million attacks are attempted in cyberspace every minute

Derek Manky, global security strategist  from Fortinet leaves no illusions. It’s high time to make sure your data is safe.

Leave IT infrastructure management in good hands

IT outsourcing will help you optimize costs, improve effectiveness and focus on key tasks your company faces.

Systems and applications audit

Safety of the company data is a key issue. For majority of businesses leakage or loss of data means painful consequences such as financial losses or damaged reputation, which in extreme cases may even led to collapse of the company. Security of vital data and systems is thus essential for continuity of the business.

Scope of the audit

Infrasec carries out audits of various operating systems, service servers and applications. During an audit tests are done to inter alia systems and services security levels, authentication and access control mechanisms or configurations of encryption protocols.
Due to diversity of systems, applications and requirements the exact scope of audit is discussed during consultations with the client. The audit is tailored to specifics of the company’s profile.
Audits can also be carried out using black box method i.e. without access to devices and knowledge about the devices configuration.

Scope of the services offered:

  • audit of the operating system’s safety
  • audit of desktop applications safety
  • audit of mobile applications safety
  • audit of the web server’s safety
  • audit of the application server’s safety
  • applications/services penetration tests

Nasi partnerzy

Infrasec jest firmą działającą w sektorze IT zajmującą się szeroko pojętą infrastrukturą informatyczną,
zarówno w aspekcie projektowania jak i utrzymania czy rozwoju.
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